Most frequently asked questions

Most frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions you may check before getting started

CCBS stands for Covenant Capital Business School, this is a Covenant Capital initiative under the leadership of The Covenant Nation.
Our goal is to bring sound and world class business acumen skills and experience to business people in a bid to empower and equip them to navigate the challenges of doing business in Nigeria.
We use biblical and scriptural principles in business to not just have successful businesses but people of strong character and ethics in business.

CCBS is a virtual program meaning the sessions will hold online.

CCBS program usually takes 8 weeks of intense training and learning. This means you get to have sessions on weekends and then activities that span through the week either through tasks or assignments. But not to worry, these are simple tasks that won't usually spill into your professional work.

CCBS is completely free, but there is a registration fee for successful and shortlisted candidates only.

EMPi program is for people who haven't started a business but already have a business idea. They are usually people who are trying to transition from paid employment to entrepreneurship.
EMP1 program is for people who are fresh in entrepreneurship and need to understand the process of business, structure of business and how to navigate the first phase of business challenges usually internal challenges.
EMP2 program is for people who have been in business for a while for at least 3 to 5 years and above and seek to improve on business opportunities, scale their business or seek collaboration, mentoring or other strategic points of leverage in business.

No, CCBS is open to non TCN members.

No, TCN is not only for Christians but it must be noted that we engage biblical principles in our trainings and sessions. If you're okay with that, you're welcome to join in.